Meet Your Best

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A fully-trained AI Chatbot that:

Never Sleeps

Never Gets Sick

Never Needs Vacation

Replies Right Away

Easily Trained

We'll help you train your chatbot from your website, FAQs, and even Google Docs

Easily Taught

Thumbs-down any responses you don't like and the bot will ask you how it should have replied

Easily Customized

Customize the look and feel of your chatbot to match your company's branding

Playground Included

Privately converse with your bot to test and tweak replies

Powerful AI Models

Your chatbot runs on the latest and greatest of GPT models

Private & Secure

Your data is hosted on secure servers with robust encryption and access control.

73% of users

expect websites to feature chatbots for convenient interactions.

74% of internet users

prefer using chatbots for simple questions.

87.2% of consumers

rate their interactions with bots as either neutral or positive.

3X faster

chatbots have remarkably accelerated response times, answering 3 times faster on average.

Right Answers, Right On Time

Free up your staff's time and let your AI webchat widget handle questions from your website!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the setup process work?

The setup of our AI chatbot onto your website is a vital one-hour session conducted via Zoom. It's designed to be easy and quick, ensuring you can get the chat widget up and running without any hassle. Our team handles all the technical details and guides you through the initial bot training.

How much is the Communication & AI usage fees?

Apart from your monthly subscription, you'll encounter rates for communication & AI usage. This works on a credit system kind of like a pre-paid phone, where you load your account with money (credits) and based on usage when depleted it will auto reload for you.

To give you a sense, with just $10, you can get roughly 475 AI messages, or 385 call minutes, or 665 text segments, or 7145 emails.

Please note: Communication & AI rates are billed in USD, while the software account subscription rates are in CAD.

Here's a specific breakdown:

- Conversation AI: $0.021/message.

- Call Minutes: $0.026/min to make, $0.017/min to receive.

- Phone Numbers: $2.30/mo.

- Text Messages: $0.015/segment (160 characters per segment).

- Emails: $0.0014/email.

- Email Verifications: $0.002625/verification.

- Premium Workflow Actions: $0.0105/premium action.

- Content AI: $0.0945/1000 words, $0.063/image.

- Workflow AI: $0.0315/workflow AI.

What support options are available to customers?

We offer 24/7tech support through various channels including live chat, zoom, and email. Our dedicated team is here to help you resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have.

Can I customize the features of the product?

Absolutely! Our product is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor features to better suit your business needs and preferences. From aesthetic changes to functional adjustments, we can accommodate a wide range of customizations.

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