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Chiropractic Business

From Communication Chaos to Clarity: Connected Chiropractic's ePlatform Experience

Meet Dr. Tim Saltys

Dr. Tim, the force behind Connected Chiropractic in Calgary, AB. A dedicated chiropractor and innovator, he transformed his practice's communication challenges into opportunities for growth with ePlatform. Discover how Dr. Tim revolutionized his clinic's operations and patient engagement with this powerful tool.

The Challenge

Prior to ePlatform, Connected Chiropractic grappled with overwhelming communication barriers and an underwhelming online presence. This not only fragmented their patient engagement but also put them at a competitive disadvantage in the market.

Communication overload across multiple channels

Losing potential patients to competitors

Sparse Google reviews

Difficulty in ensuring consistent communication channel checks by the team

The ePlatform Solution

ePlatform introduced transformative solutions tailored to the specific needs of Dr. Tim's chiropractic clinic:

All Channel Inbox: Centralized patient conversations across texting, calls, email, Facebook & Instagram DMs, Google Business chat and more all into one cohesive inbox.

Improved Engagement: Features like text message auto responders for missed calls and an integrated website chat widget ensured timely and convenient interactions.

Reputation Management: Streamlined the process for collecting and responding to Google reviews, amplifying the clinic's online credibility.

The Results

Connected Chiropractic experienced transformative results using ePlatform:

200+ Google reviews in 2 years

Increase in patient engagement and satisfaction

Better first impressions with more efficient communication tools

In Dr. Tim's Words

"ePlatform has truly revolutionized our practice at Connected Chiropractic. The unified communication interface has simplified patient engagement and reduced our workload.

But the real game changer has been ePlatform's ability to manage our online reputation, specifically by facilitating Google review requests. We've gained over 200 reviews in just 2 years! It's incredibly successful - patients often tell us, 'I'm here because of your reviews.'

I highly recommend ePlatform for any health & wellness business aiming to streamline their operations and boost their online presence."

- Dr. Timothy Saltys

Ready to Transform Your Business?

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Beauty Business

Transforming Lust Beauty Bar with ePlatform

Meet Daysha Parisotto

Daysha is the dynamic and passionate owner of Lust Beauty Bar. Known for her commitment to superior client service and business savvy, Daysha has been on a quest to optimize her operations and broaden her client base.

The Challenge

Like many beauty professionals, Daysha was heavily reliant on Instagram for business visibility and appointment management. The challenges were numerous:

The constant back-and-forth with clients to schedule appointments.

Struggling to reach potential clients who weren't on Instagram, especially the older generation.

Maintaining professionalism in all business interactions.

The ePlatform Solution

Daysha discovered ePlatform and her business hasn't been the same since. The platform provided comprehensive solutions for all her challenges:

Clients now book appointments easily and explore services offered.

With ePlatform, Daysha can connect with people across all age groups, thereby expanding her clientele.

The platform's professional approach has enhanced her credibility, increasing trust among her clients.

The Results

Since embracing ePlatform, Daysha has seen a tremendous transformation in her business operations and client relations. She praises the ease of the platform and the convenience it offers both to her and her clients.

Appointment scheduling and management have become efficient, saving her valuable time each day.

The platform's integration with Google My Business has improved her visibility and attracted more local customers.

Her credibility has skyrocketed with a professional website.

In Daysha's Words

"Taking the leap with ePlatform has undeniably been one of the most impactful business decisions I've ever made. It's not just about streamlining operations – it’s about enhancing the entire client experience, building trust, and empowering growth.

My business has bloomed with ePlatform, and the joy of witnessing that progress has been nothing short of electrifying."

- Daysha Parisotto

Ready to Transform Your Business?

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Painting Business

From Challenge to Triumph: Painting Experts Leveraging ePlatform

Meet Carlos Aristizabal

Meet Carlos Aristizabal, a tradesman and the proud owner of Painting Experts in Red Deer, AB. Carlos embodies the spirit of a dedicated professional, perfectly balancing the operational intricacies of his business with the ever-evolving client needs.

The Challenge

The world of trades can be unpredictable, and Carlos knows this all too well. The hurdles he faced were manifold:

Persistent issues with quote management, causing delays and inefficiencies.

Keeping up with timely follow-ups and client communication became a daunting task.

The available tools, even conventional accounting software, just weren't cutting it for him.

The ePlatform Solution

Carlos found his answer in ePlatform, a tool highly recommended by his associates in the BNI network. Taking the plunge, he soon realized the profound difference it made: "My operations took a 180-degree turn – for the better."

Exceptional Client Interaction: ePlatform's prompt notifications ensured Carlos was always in the loop. "Now, I'm always there for my clients, offering unmatched service promptly."

Efficient Quoting Mechanism: Gone were the days of tedious email exchanges and manual information input. Carlos found solace in ePlatform's quote management, which he describes as, "The very definition of hassle-free."

Boosted Productivity: ePlatform's desktop app, akin to a virtual secretary, kept Carlos on track with tasks and client touchpoints, giving him more hours in a day.

The Results

With ePlatform by his side, Carlos witnessed a metamorphosis in Painting Experts. From heightened client satisfaction to remarkable sales growth, the success story was one for the books.

ePlatform's streamlined system eliminated manual processes, making quotes efficient and precise.

With real-time notifications and a desktop app, Carlos could instantly connect with clients, ensuring top-notch service.

With centralized communication and tasks reminders, Carlos maximized productivity, focusing more on growth strategies.

In Carlos' Words

"ePlatform's been an absolute game-changer for Painting Experts. It's knocked out all those pesky problems I had as a painting business owner and seriously amped up my sales and marketing.

The platform is a cinch to use and it's become my secret weapon. I'm telling you, it's going to revolutionize how you do business. Don't just take my word for it, chat with Chris and see for yourself how ePlatform can take your trade business to the next level!


- Carlos Aristizabal

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